Wednesday, January 16, 2008

World Of Warcraft Lockpicking Guide

The World of Warcraft has fascinated millions around the globe. If you are an avid player and assumed the identity of a Rogue then you might find the World of Warcraft lockpicking guide of great interest. Anyone who has played this game knows that a Rogue has numerous abilities. They are the silent killers and masters of stealth and sophistication. This ability also allows the Rogue to reach inaccessible places easily. In any team, a Rogue plays an invaluable role. So just what does the World of Warcraft lockpicking guide have to offer any aspiring Rogue? As every player knows, entering the enchanted and often hostile world of Warcraft, can be exhilarating and mind boggling…especially if you are new to the game. The World of Warcraft lockpicking guide gives munch needed assistance to any new Rogues hoping to up their skills in the game. Lock picking is a ability that only Rogues get to participate in, yet this ability means nothing if they do not have the dedication and time to master the skill. It is a fact that Blacksmiths can pick locks, but they can only do so by creating a key. Usually the keys used in lock picking involve using limited resources such as Truesilver. It is also a fact that a blacksmith’s keys can’t open very high lockboxes. Mithral, Thorium and lockboxes are the exclusive domain of the Rogue. World of Warcraft lockpicking guide provides insider information that will allow Rogues to pick any chest or lockbox in the game. A Rogue has no need for keys of any kind. Lock picking is indeed a handy skill to have. There are certain doors such as the Searing Gorge, Scarlet Monastery, Blackrock Depths, Scholomance that need to be opened. As you advance in the game acquiring the keys becomes a necessity. However, the lock picking skills that you will acquire in the World of Warcraft lockpicking guide will enable you to throw away the keys for good. If you are an Alliance Rogue your quest will take you to Alter’s Mill where will be able to practice your lock picking and obtain a Certificate of Thievery (or something similar). Now you are well on your way to lockpicking glory. For those who do not know what the various colors of the locks mean, the World of Warcraft lockpicking guide again offers invaluable information. Every lock has a “skill level” that is color-coded. Red = can t pick the lock at your skill level Orange = guaranteed skill up Yellow = good chance for skillup Green = low chance for skillup Grey = no chance for skillup Here are some more tips and tricks courtesy of the World of Warcraft lockpicking guide that both Alliance and Horde Rogues will find useful. This will increase your lockpicking skills from 1 - 300. Lets face it, lock picking has it’s limits, but it’s a fun skill to have. Gen Mason plays World of Warcraft almost everyday. Discover free World of Warcraft tactics and tricks at WOW Powerleveling

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