Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Military Discount Airfare

In most countries, active-duty military members enjoy discounted airfares. Not only the state-run airlines, but also even most commercial airlines, offer these discounts. This is one way of expressing the gratitude towards those who are serving the nation. For current military personnel, the US General Administration also runs the City Pair program, under which the officials travel on discounted airfares as they travel for official work. Many commercial airlines offer military personnel special discounts on airfares even if they are making personal trips. Some offer this discount to family members, too. Generally, most of the airlines offering military discounts have a standard rate of discount which is applicable on all routes. They also offer such discounts on international airfares. The rate of discount is likely to be more on domestic than international airfares. While most of the commercial airlines offer discounts on airfare to serving military personnel, some of them also offer the same to retired military personnel. For both categories, some specified documents have to be provided to prove one’s military status. Once the documents are verified, they can even book their discounted tickets online. On domestic routes some of the airliners offer up to 70 percent discounts to military personnel. There are online and offline resources which provide information about prevailing discounts on airfares for military personnel. The discounts offered to military personnel are generally not withdrawn during peak season or even on busy routes. But it is always better to check first, rather than be disappointed later at the ticket counter. If you are in the military, you can contact the local official information center which generally keeps track of discounted on both domestic as well as international routes. Several airliners advertise about these discounts, also. Discount Airfare provides detailed information on Discount Airfare, Student Discount Airfare, Discount International Airfare, Military Discount Airfare and more. Discount Airfare is affiliated with Discount Caribbean Cruises .

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