Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living Is An Art

\"Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.\" Samuel Butler. Modern life is arty. It has grown into a science from just as art. Modern scientific and technological advance has removed its natural color and flavors and reduced it to automation. Man is a slave to science and technology. He starts the morning cup of tea with a liquid petroleum gas stove and after spending a hectic day of movement and work, throws him in the bed like a worn-out machine. Science and technology have raised the standard of living of humans and cultural education is a peak point. Still science and technology have tended to neglect the very object of their achievements - the human being who has emotions, spiritual values, abilities and expectations. Most of the people are dissatisfied with life. Some people suffer from ill health while others complain of money or wealth. There are only two causes of sorrows â€" separation from dear and near ones and meeting with the unpleasant. In other words, these are the loss of the desired and obtaining of the undesired. For these two reasons, only a man gets sorrow, grief, worry, and fear or anxiety. The entire world is suffering from the two â€" there will be no exaggeration if it is so said. Some people get so dejected that the world appears dark to them. Disappointment clouds them; heart always burns on account of grief. The body is so complicated that only children can enjoy pure laughter. Every one is busy and over busy all the time. “Life is an incurable disease”- Abraham Cowley In life some people are problems. Some people have problems. Some people make problems. Others solve problems. Problem can be solved in different ways, because much of the solutions depend on the characters of the persons who face such problems. Problems constitute human emotional reactions â€" reactions to things ranging from small matters like a noisy child to larger ones like a difficult parent. “If a problem is too difficult to solve, one can’t claim that it is solved by pointing at all the effects made to solve it.” â€" Hannes Alfven The art of living has become the science of modern life. Where as modern amenities, the more important of these being the electricity, the car, the cinema, television and computer, have provided comport and luxury, the competition among human being to avail these amenities to maximum, has snatched all fast and pleasure from natural life. The art of leaving requires some positive attitudes and a positive attitudes may be defined as the handy ability to apply oneself with ease to duties towards family, work and social life. Attitudes may be described as the manner in which a human views life. Attitude constitutes the way one sees situations understands them and faces the troubles and difficulties that such situations may perhaps bring. In others word an attitude is a state of mind a mental outlook, tinged or shaded with an emotion. Best Internet Resource Directory

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