Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To View Private MySpace Profiles

We all know that if you are a MySpace user, you have come across some profiles that you are dying to view but only to find out that they are set to private. You realize that the only way to view their profile is to add them as a friend and hope they accept. Unfortunately, most of the time they don t know you and they wont accept your friend request. However, I can show you how to view private profiles on MySpace. I know personally, I have stumbled upon a profile of someone I thought I knew. All I need to do is check out some more pictures on their profile to be sure. But when I try to view their MySpace profile, I find out it s set to private. Now I realize the only way I can see their pictures is to send a friend request to them. But we all know that this can be tedious and most of the time not work at all. If their profile is set to private, they will most likely not add you as a friend. Private profiles are a great feature on MySpace, however they can be a real annoyance when it comes to finding friends that you havent seen in a long time, or becoming friends with people that you think look cool. So many MySpace users have been trying to find a way around this private profile hinderance. Fortunately, I have recently found a great way to view private MySpace profiles. There was an old method that people used by manipulating the URL, but MySpace closed that loophole down immediately. Now for all of that have been looking for a new method on how to view private MySpace profiles that actually works, visit MySpace Trends. PaulG is an expert on internet social groups, especially MySpace. Keep stats on who is viewing your MySpace profile or listening to your bands music with MyFriendStats , the most advanced MySpace tracking software on the internet. Not only can you see who is viewing your profile, but you can now keep stats on them according to age, location, gender, and even discover potential fans! Also, add up to 500 MySpace friends per day, leave tons of comments and messages, and gain traffic to your MySpace profile by checking out The Official MySpace Friend Adder. Try it out for free!

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