Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Protect Your iPhone

Surely, when Apple formally introduced iPhone into the world at the end of June, many came up lining, wanting to be one of the firsts to get hold of the revolutionary cell phone called the iPhone. However, it came as it is: naked. Apple has also created some accessories that people can purchase and enjoy together with iPhone. But if you were to shed a few dollars off your pocket, then you better buy one that will make your newly acquired phone long lasting: iPhone case. Because iPhone now uses the touch screen technology, there’s hardly any room for scratches. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should remain unprotected from harm and that it still is possible to get dings and scratches. There are about three types of iPhone cases sold today. One of them is iPhone skins. Skin usually refers to the cover that will cover the phone entirely. You can access the navigation and side buttons, screen, camera, and charger through its cutouts. Skins are flexible but rugged, thanks to a perfect blend of silicon and plastic. What’s good about skin is that they can completely protect the surface of your phone. However, if your skin is mainly made up of silicone, then it can’t offer you so much just in case you accidentally drop the iPhone. The iPhone skins spells variety, you can buy them in different colors, even with some added accessories like neck straps and screen protector. A tiny piece of silicone that protects an iPhone’s front side is called a screen protector. It also possesses a circular cutout that allows you to utilize the primary navigation button, found at the bottom portion of the iPhone. You can then put a skin on top of the screen protector. However, if you want to get a good deal on screen protector, go for those that can resist dust and contain anti-glare properties. Or you can simply opt to buy an iPhone skin with a screen protector. Lastly, there are what you call as iPhone cases and wallets. These are covers that you can attach on your jeans or on your wallets. You can place your iPhone inside them. The main difference between cell phone holsters and cases is that the latter can protect your phone even if it’s not in use. Leather is a typical material used for cases and wallets. And since they come in different styles, you can simply choose what fits your personality. Think of an iPhone case as a worthwhile investment. Michael is a writer for Everything iPhone where he covers the daily iPhone news surrounding the Apple iPhone. He enjoys reviewing iPhone cases and you can often find him reading the latest iPhone books to brush up on his iPhone expertise.

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