Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Printers and Ink Cartridges Guzzle, Guzzle, Guzzle

Why are ink cartridges so expensive? Do you print less and try to save your ink? Is there another alternative other than to purchase ink cartridges brand new? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on. The last time I had to replace my 4 ink cartridges I felt I was gassing up my car. Guzzle, Guzzle and Guzzle. Why are the ink cartridges so expensive? Do the manufacturers of printers want us to purchase new printers every time we need to refill our ink? Why is it so expensive to replace ink cartridges from our printer? I use my printer probably more than most people. I am always printing my books which vary in length from 30 pages to 150. The ink disappears before my very eyes. I have found an alternative way to purchase ink cartridges, I am using recycled cartridges. In this world s economy which seems to be becoming crazier and crazier and prices seem to be blasting out of sight, we need to be able to have an alternative. I was told that laser printers which are more expensive to purchase - the ink lasts longer but the cartridges are expensive. What do you think about this situation? Are you happy with the price of ink cartridges? Would you like to see the price come down? Let me know what you think. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you read my other numerous articles. Copyright Linda E. Meckler 2006 Linda is the author of her first published book, “Ghost Kids Trilogy. \"Christy, 12 and her Brother Brad, 16 moves into an old house on top of a mountain and meet two Ghost Kids. Then we have a mysterious, magical Blue Vase where Uncle Charlie the villain is trapped. He wants out of the Blue Vase and exchange he will tell Christy and Brad where Pirates’ Treasure is Hidden. Take a walk with Christy and Brad down a dark hall hunting for Pirates” Treasure. You will think were you there right there with them. Love, Family Values and Charity burst off the pages. Check out my new 4 E books Titled: How To Appeal Medical Bills Appeal and Collections Letters for Medical Providers Boost Your Self Esteem and Blossom Computers Cause Pain on my website If you have hand pain try my Love My Hand Pad Check out my website

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