Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Archery 3D Targets

Hunting with a bow and arrow is far more challenging than with a firearm. A bow hunter needs greater skill, as they must get much closer to the targets than hunters with guns. For this reason, among many others, archery 3D targets are a great way to get practice for new hunters or those looking to become more skilled. Because archery 3D targets come in a variety of shapes, they can also be used by experienced hunters that are thinking of hunting new animals. Many archery 3D targets are shaped to resemble animals traditionally hunted using a bow and arrow: deer, moose, bear, wild boar, even mountain lions. These animal shaped targets are especially useful because they train the archer how to hit their target accurately and in the zones most likely to achieve the kill. Because archers must get so close to kill, they often only have one shot at the animal. Becoming proficient in hitting 3D targets in the appropriate spots will increase a hunter s likelihood of successfully killing an animal when hunting. Most 3D archery targets are made with foam that allows the arrow to penetrate the target. Many more expensive brands will layer the foam, making it harder for the arrow to penetrate the target. This layering effect gives greater accuracy to the archer, because it more realistically simulates the force needed to penetrate fur, skin, and flesh. The layered nature of the foam also reduces the amount of friction created at impact, which causes less damage to the 3D target. However, when the target is used frequently, it will still become damaged. Because of this, many brands offer replaceable core parts. Some archery 3D targets even have a cutaway effect. This reveals the layers underneath the skin, making the archer capable of targeting very specific kill zones on the animal. Perfecting hitting these spots on a target will increase an archer s chances of hitting the most sensitive areas on an animal. If you have a safe place to practice at, archery 3D targets are available for sell at most outdoor and sporting goods stores. However, if you re not interested in owning your own target, there are archery ranges that allow you to practice on their 3D targets. Many of these ranges have hunting recreations that will simulate actual hunting by placing the 3D targets behind trees, on trails, and in other locations typically inhabited by the animals. Archery 3D targets are a perfect way for both novice and experienced bow hunters to perfect their sport. By offering a simulated target, they can vastly increase a hunter s chances of success. My name is Ted Lake and I m building a website in memory of my dad Deuaine Lake. This site is all about Archery and Archery Hunting. My dad started me when I was 5 years old (1956) and I ve continued to teach both my boys the same respect for the sport of archery.Please feel welcome to visit my free website at .

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